Rare Earth Market Seminar–March 7, 2016

Where We Are, Where We’ve Come From,
and Where We Are Going

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David Abraham, TREM
Clint Cox, The Anchor House
Will Hess, PRC Macro Limited Ltd

9am – 11:00am
March 7

The Albany Club 91 King Street East, Toronto, ON, M5C 1G3

US$250 per person


  • A copy of: The Elements of Power
  • Post-event summary

Topics include:

  • China’s current economic situation and its approach to commodities
  • Overview of the rare earth industry and how it has evolved with the development of China
  • The opportunities, biggest risks and critical factors moving forward in a post-Molycorp world
  • China’s black market, environmental initiatives and corruption crackdown and their impact on the market
  • Growth in demand from emerging and current technologies
  • Where and when new production may hit the market

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David S. Abraham is Senior Fellow at the Institute for the Analysis of Global Security and runs TREM Center. He is an expert on the nexus of resources and technology and has spent many years living in Asia. Previously, he worked at RBS Sempra Commodities and Lehman Brothers analyzing risk. He also oversaw natural resource programs and foreign aid programs at the White House Office of Management and Budget.

David was also a research fellow focusing on rare metals at Japan’s Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Council on Foreign Relations and Tokyo University. At the time, he served as a reviewer for the Department of Energy’s Critical Materials Strategy. His writing has been published in outlets including The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal.

Clint Cox has been President of Anchor House, Inc. since founding the firm in 1995. Mr. Cox began focusing on the rare earth elements sector ten years ago, and has since immersed himself in the market. He is the leading expert for unbiased, grounded information on the rare earth industry and China’s involvement in particular. He is a graduate of Colgate University.

William H. Hess is Co-Ceo and Head of Research at PRC-Macro, a firm which develops economic information and forecasting services to fill the large analytical gaps that exist with respect to China’s economy. Previously Will served as President of China Monitor Inc (CMI), a platform for China macroeconomic and industry forecasting and analysis drawing on the extensive resources of partner company China Economic Information Network (CEInet). Prior to joining CMI he started a small macro advisory firm – China Analytics – in Beijing that was later merged with CMI. Earlier in his career he served as a Director of Sovereign and International Public Finance ratings with Standard & Poor’s in Hong Kong, and as the General Manager of Global Insight’s Beijing office of Global Insight prior to its acquisition by IHS in 2008. In this capacity he also led the development of the company’s China Regional Economic Service, as well as the China components of a number of the company’s other analytical products. Hess is a regular commentator on the Chinese economy for various networks.